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Mr. Vincent DiPietro

Posted by Administrator on Jan 20 2018
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Vincent DiPietro, a senior systems engineer, now retired worked as a contractor at Goddard Space Flight Center for twenty-three years. Although without a formal college degree, he has attained a level of engineering Associate by participating in an Engineering course curricula at Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland. Mr. DiPietro has designed, built, and delivered several electronic hardware packages for use in Image Processing equipment at Goddard Space Center. These packages have been used in support of the Landsat MSS and RBV programs and the NIMBUS CZCS programs. His knowledge of image processing has been useful in performing the analysis of the VIKING MARS data. Having a background of image processing techniques, Mr. DiPietro has performed his independent image enhancements of selected VIKING data sets using digital tapes as the source. Several processes are demonstrated in the image analysis study that he has prepared, including one of his own invention known as Starburst Pixel Interleaving Technique (SPIT). The digital image processes were used in the preparation of 35mm. slides mostly over the Cydonia region of Mars where some interesting observations were made. The enhancements have revealed detail in an object of controversy - the FACE on MARS.The detail does not manifest itself clearly in the original archival photos, but is clearly seen in the slides. Mr. DiPietro and his associates have self published a full description of this work in a book entitled "Unusual Mars Surface Features - fourth edition".

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