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Unusual Structures on the Far Side of the Moon - We present an analysis of Apollo 15 and Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter images of two unusual features in the crater Paracelsus C on the far side of the moon. At first glance these structures appear to be walls or towers on the lunar surface. By combining multiple images we show the larger feature, oriented in a northeast/southwest direction, is not simply a wall but two walls on either side of a narrow valley or passageway.

UFOs - Brian OLeary -

Project Camelot Interviews Brian O'Leary - 2009 - Project Camelot interviews Brian O'Leary Vilcabamba, Ecuador, January 2009
Dr Brian O'Leary suffered the ridicule of his schoolfriends when - several years before Sputnik - he announced his intention to go to the moon. Yet by the age of 27 he was a member of NASA's astronaut program, slated to be one of the first to visit Mars. Several years later, he resigned (for various reasons) and took up a career in academia where he rubbed shoulders with - among many others - Carl Sagan at Cornell and the pioneering psi investigator Robert Jahn at the physics department at Princeton.

Contrast Enhanced 3-D film of the 2008 image of the Face On Mars - rendered by Ananda Sirisena

Face On Mars 3-D Reconstruction - by Dr. Mark Carlotto From MRO CTX camera raw data of Image taken on 24 September 2008

Sightings Segment -

Encounters Segment -

UFOs - Espresso chat show - on Channel 5 - 17 Feb 1998

Martian Artifacts and Why we must go to Mars with Greg Orme -

Bravo Documentary - 7:15 min

Gilbert Levin Interview - with BBC (2 minutes)

AFS/Dialogue - Thomas Tulien - 1997

Flyover of original M118769870L -

Flyover of M1168450258LC -

Stanley McDaniel. Lecture - November 1996 at Aylesbury, England