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Alexey Arkhipov

Survey For Ruin-Like Formations On The Moon - As a continuation of preliminary analysis of Clementine lunar images, an automated computer survey for ruin-like objects on the Moon has been executed. The finds are now classified and catalogued. It is shown that majority of these formations could be interpreted as collapsed subsurface cavities. Such local formations are puzzling from a geological perspective, and seem promising candidates for archaeological objects. Besides, such subsurface cavities in polar regions could be interesting for other reasons, such as colonization of the Moon or as lava tubes.

Mark Carlotto

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JP Levasseur

Mars Artifacts - Scientists have suspected the existence of potentially artificial structures on Mars for decades. The hugely successful Viking missions of the '70s and '80s produced images containing numerous unusual objects in an area called Cydonia, objects such as the famous "Face on Mars" and the "D&M Pyramid". Then the incredibly successful Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) began returning hundreds of high resolution images of Mars. Along with more images of Cydonia, MGS yielded new unusual objects in other areas of Mars. This site is dedicated primarily to a particular class of these objects, what appears to be large-scaled artistic renderings on the surface analogous to the terrestrial Blythe Intalios or Nazca Lines.

Greg Orme

Martian Anomalies - The following images are real, taken by the Mars Orbital Camera over the last few years. Some have a remarkable resemblance to ancient artificial structures. While highly speculative you should look and make up your own mind. I am a member of SPSR, which looks for signs of extra terrestrial intelligence in our own and nearby solar systems.

George Haas

The Cydonia Institute - This web site is provided to the public for educational and research purposes in the exploration of unusual structures found on Mars within the boundaries of the Cydonia area. Independent articles are presented here in an effort to provide a venue for the comparative analysis of NASA's photographs (Note; we have not altered any of the NASA source images presented on this site). The public is free to use limited excerpts of our articles including text and images, as long as the author and The Cydonia Institute is credited. The contents of this web site may not be reproduced or redistributed with out the written permission from The Cydonia Institute. All articles on this site are condensed versions of larger manuscripts. Additional text and images, for most articles, are available on request

Keith Morgan

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