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Dr. John E. Brandenburg

Posted by Administrator on Jan 20 2018
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Co-author, with DiPietro & Molenaar, of the fourth edition of Unusual Mars Surface Features. Plasma Physicist working primarily on the theory of magnetic confinement of plasmas for fusion power and defense-related areas of plasma physics. Unified Field Theories. Coauthor with Monica Paxton on book Dead Mars - Dying Earth.

Further publications and presentations:

  • M.R. Paxson, S.K. Corrick, J.E. Brandenburg, "All Sinks Plus: The Implications of the Obvious," American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting, Sept. 1999.
  • J.E. Brandenburg, M.R. Paxson, Dead Mars, Dying Earth, The Crossing Press, 1999.
  • J.E. Brandenburg, "On the Effect of Large LEO Satcom Constellations on the Lower Thermosphere." American Geophysical Union, Spring Meeting, June 2, 1999.
  • J. Erjavec, J.E. Brandenburg, "Evidence for a Paleo-Ocean Shoreline, Sedimentary Features and Water Erosion in Cydonia," American Geophysical Union, Spring Meeting, June 3, 1999.
  • H. Moore, J.E. Brandenburg, S.K. Corrick, A. Sirisena, "Ice Found in Craters in Cydonia," American Geophysical Union, Spring Meeting, June 3, 1999.
  • J.E. Brandenburg, J.F. Kline, V.R. DiPietro (Research Support Instruments) "Progress on the CMTX (Colliding Micro-Tori eXperiment)," a poster session presented at the 1998 Division of Plasma Physics Meeting of the American Physical Society, Nov. 17, 1998

Position statement: "The objects in Cydonia appear to be heavily eroded, which makes interpretation difficult, however, this erosion is consistent with the Cydonian Hypothesis, which dates them from a period of earthlike climate on Mars, and also similar to the condition of ancient earth archeology. In the Cydonian Hypothesis, published in 1990, it was predicted that, despite erosion, new details suggesting archeological origin would be found, if the objects were in fact archeological. As is discussed in the book 'Dead Mars Dying Earth', such new details are in fact apparent. Therefore, given the totality of new Mars data, the Cydonian Hypothesis has gained ground. More images should be taken by the MGS in Cydonia, while it can still take them."

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