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Mr. Malcolm Smith

Posted by Administrator on Jan 20 2018
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  • Geography MA (Hons), Aberdeen University, Scotland, 1993
  • Research interests: Mars anomaly research. General solar system planetary exploration.
  • Member, UK Students for the Exploration & Development of Space.
  • Fellow, British Interplanetary Society.
  • Organized conference on Archeology in Space, British Interplanetary Society, London, May 2006


  • 2004 British Interplanetary Society, "Planetary SETI craves scientific credibility" January 2004 issue of the magazine Vol. 46 No.1 p.35.
  • 2000 Astronomy Now "Face facts"; letter, Your Views, December issue, p.16
  • 1999 "Return to Mars", a novel by Ben Bova "Facing Mars Rationally", article abstract quoted.
  • 1998 Spaceflight magazine "Facing Mars Rationally"; February issue, Vol. 40, No.2, p.45.
  • 1998 Astronomy Now "Double standards"; letter, Your Views, August issue, p.10.
  • 1996 Amateur Astronomy & Earth Sciences magazine "The Face on Mars", March issue, p.38-41.
  • 1995 BNSC Space News: The promises of 1995, Spring issue, "Mars report", p.17.
  • 1995 Project Space Vision: "Proposal by The Mars Project UK", Appendix p.169-171. ESA/ISU
  • 1995 Astronomy Now "Further searches"; letter, Your Views, December issue, p.10.

I have also had several articles in UKSEDS magazine and local press coverage here in the UK. Position statement:

  • "Since learning of the Cydonia anomalies in 1988, I have tried to educate the UK public via magazine articles, letters and talks, presenting the latest facts and findings from SPSR researchers, and the potential impact should artificiality be verified. Additionally I have tried to interest the UK space science / educational community, so far with varying levels of success."


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