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Mr. Peter Ness

Posted by Administrator on Jan 20 2018
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After graduating a Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Geology (SAIT) in 1988 Peter was employed by CRA then transferred to, and worked at, the parent company Rio Tinto (Hamersley) as an evaluation specialist geologist for over five years ( http://www.riotinto.com/). He evaluated numerous mining projects from a geological, geostatistical and geotechnical perspective and was subsequently headhunted by the CEO of Hancock (late 1993) where he worked until mid 1998 analyzing and evaluating: geological, mine, rail and port infrastructure feasibility projects and undertaking resources evaluation for investment purposes ( http://www.hancockprospecting.com/). While working, he completed a Master of Science, then an MBA at the University of Western Australia at night and on weekends - during a very hectic work schedule. In his capacity at both Rio Tinto and Hancock, Peter visited and analyzed literally hundreds of open cut and underground mines. On completion of a successful +1B $ Joint Venture ( http://www.hopedowns.com), he started a DBA (at UWA) while completing a Master of Finance degree at Curtin University. He is currently a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. In late1999, for family reasons, he moved to Japan.

Over the past 5 years or more Peter sustained a natural career progression from a specialized area of pure geology to project evaluation and contract management, joint venture negotiations, due diligence and associated marketing submissions - then finally moving to project and structured finance (there being no mines in down town Tokyo).

Peter became interested in space and in particular Mars several years ago and has co-authored a paper with Greg Orme titled  "Discussion Paper: The Martian Inorganic Spider-Ravine Models: explanation of plant like features on Mars - and organic life-on-Mars alternatives", which has recently been submitted to the BIS for publication. Greg Orme has set up a web site for this database at www.martianspiders.com.


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