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Mr. Rick Sterling

Posted by Administrator on Apr 14 2019
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Rick Sterling first became fascinated with space travel in 1964 when the United States launched Mariner 4, the first successful Mars probe. In addition, the film 'Robinson Crusoe on Mars' (1964) also acted as a spark to trigger Rick's interest in space exploration. Mr. Sterling is a member of The Mars Society, The Planetary Society,  & The  Space.Com Space Reporters Network (Community Contributor). Secondly, his proposal for the development of nuclear thermal rockets was adopted by the SEI Presidential Commission (Stafford Commission.) In fact the NASA 2019 budget provides $100 million for nuclear thermal propulsion development. Finally, Rick was an adviser to the Direct Launcher Team. The Direct Launcher was very similiar to the Space Launch System.
Mr. Sterling provides recipients of his e-mail news notices the most complete and up to date information on a variety of space and related topics. It is also interesting to note that Mr. Sterling's ancestor was Sir Francis Drake. He is a graduate of Linsly Military Institute and West Liberty State College.  

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