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Mr. Steve Corrick

Posted by Administrator on Jan 20 2018
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Agent, contributing editor, special SPSR issue of British Astronomical publication, Quest for Knowledge Agent, contributing editor to Case for the Face Agent, contributing editor to Dead Mars, Dying Earth Contributor to http://www.gardenearth.com Further

Publications and presentations:

  • M.R. Paxson, S.K. Corrick, J.E. Brandenburg, "All Sinks Plus: The Implications of the Obvious," American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting, Sept. 1999.
  • H. Moore, J.E. Brandenburg, S.K. Corrick, A. Sirisena, "Ice Found in Craters in Cydonia," American Geophysical Union, Spring Meeting, June 3, 1999.
  • L.E. Brandenburg, M.R. Paxson, S.K. Corrick, "OID (Oxygen Inventory Depletion) as a Global Concern: Magnitude, Causes, and Remedies," EOS (supplement), Transactions, AGU, Volume 79, Nov. 10, 1998, pg. F172.


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